About Us

Custom Electronic Medical Records
TherAssist is a leading provider of documentation and practice management software for physical therapy, rehabilitation and medical practices. We create custom electronic medical records (EMR) solutions for practices of all sizes as well as hospitals with single and multi-site operations.

Documentation and Practice Management Software
TherAssist is an administrative, scheduling, documentation, and integrated billing solution for medical offices and healthcare facilities of any size. Our applications are designed to maximize efficiency for both administrative and clinical staff, centralize multisite operations, and increase reimbursements. TherAssist software is available for use in LAN, WAN and enterprise configurations or our Subscription-Based Cloud Delivery.

Subscription-Based Delivery Model
Our Cloud-based model provides customers with remote access to applications hosted in a professionally managed data center. This allows companies to alleviate the burden of maintaining in-house information technology resources. For smaller companies that have difficulty affording the IT resources necessary to ensure success, this Cloud-based model offers a cost-effective way of accessing the latest enterprise-level resources at a fraction of the time and expense normally required for implementation and support.

With the TherAssist Cloud-based model, you don't need to buy and continually upgrade hardware and software; all you need is a web browser and a TherAssist subscription. We make it easy to handle all of your documentation needs, so you can focus on patients, not paper.

Specialized Development & Support Team
The team you'll work with at TherAssist includes Project Managers, Clinical Training Consultants, Technical Support Consultants and a programming staff specializing in both product development and interface capabilities. We currently utilize professional physical therapists for database development and training.

Comprehensive Customer Service
TherAssist sells, installs and maintains its products. We also provide comprehensive customer service: including consultation, training and installation as well as remote on-line training and support.