Client Testimonials

Greg Fritz, P.T.
Owner — Anacortes Physical Therapy
Founder, Owner — Skagit Island Rehab Group

With so many Clones on the market today I wanted to take some time and write you about my appreciation for your software. As a TherAssist Costumer for over 5 years I can speak very credibly about your product. Anacortes Physical Therapy has structured our office management on the foundation of your software platform. I can state without reservation that the user friendly interface and the power of your databases makes this the Premier Management Software in my industry today. The ability to use data directly from your software into custom management applications is priceless. As you know we are in the process of rolling out a management service to a growing number of affiliated clinic as well as several dedicated clinics and without the help from you and your professionals we would not have the information to do this with confidence! I am very pleased that you have been able to compete in the Office Management Software market with such high integrity. Business often seems to beg for cutting corners to stay profitable or for price gouging when the market is vulnerable. You have stayed accountable and reachable. Thank you personally for your help and thank your Team for a reliable, powerful, friendly, relevant, VITAL component in our growing network of clinics.

Veronica Trujillo
Taos Physical Therapy

TherAssist is the most user friendly system to use, and the support is excellent. There has never been a time that I have called that I haven't been able to talk to someone. I would highly recommend this program to anyone in the medical field. Their support people are highly experienced and know exactly what they are talking about. The biggest thing is that they don't make you feel like you are asking a stupid question.

Derek Y. Yamamoto
CHART Rehabilitation Inc.

I have been extremely impressed by the dedication of the Therassist staff to improving their software to fit the needs of their consumers. Not only do they hold user support conferences to bring their users together to share various ideas of what could help make the software more beneficial to everyone but they are also always quick to help me with my individual customization needs. The result is a product that has evolved into the most comprehensive clinical management tool I have seen. I have looked at other software that have very capable customization but I always found that I wanted to customize it to look like Therassist.

Dean Pinciotti
President — Sports Physical Therapy

We have been working using Therassist for the past 4 years and have found that it has worked very well in our out patient orthopedic practice. When we started using Therassist we had 2 offices now we have grown to 5 and the Therassist software has grown with us.

Therassist has the ability to customize the software to meet your needs. Each therapist does their note and then selects the billing codes which is great for corporate compliance!

The software support has been terrific. They have listened to some of our ideas and incorporated them into the new versions and upgrades. They return your phone calls in a reasonable time frame.

We have hired some therapists who have worked for other PT practices who are using computerized documentation and after learning Therassist they report it is much easier and complete.

Debbie Swanson
Warren General Hospital
ASP client

Our rehab department has been using TherAssist for several years now. We have found that the time saved, completeness and professionalism of our documentation impact every part of our practice positively. TherAssist’s ability to customize it’s content as well as our outgoing documents keeps our clinical staff’s documentation time down and our clients, patients and Dr’s, immediately abreast of their progress.